Full Sail University Online Music Production Program

Full Sail University Online Music Production Program

Full Sail University has a variety of online programs, both associates and bachelors. One of the most popular bachelors programs available at Full Sail University online is their music production bachelors of science degree. Focusing on music theory, composition, engineering and marketing, Full Sail offers the complete package when it comes to their music production program.

Full Sail University Online: Music Theory

Music theory is one of the key components in producing music, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the main focuses of Full Sail’s music production courses for their online bachelors program. Developing an extensive knowledge of music theory with the aid of music notation software and applying it directly to the process of production will push you closer to being a top notch producer, and is fundamental to a successful career. With a touch of the history, from classical music to modern day jams, the music theory aspect of this program really takes it to the next level.

Full Sail University Online: Composition

Moving beyond the framework of music theory, you’ll be introduced to composing as well. Just as crucial as music theory, composition is another fundamental aspect of music overall – especially music production. Taking what you’ve learned in their other courses and applying them to composing new musical pieces, this program can transform you from a “beat maker” to an actual composer.

Full Sail University Online: Engineering

In addition to theory and composition, students taking the online music production courses at Full Sail University will also delve into the work of an audio engineer. Engineering is a vital part of creating a well polished, professional sounding mix – And with all of the new music production gear made with home studios in mind, it’s very possible to achieve commercial quality sound from a home recording studio, especially after being exposed to the knowledge bank offered by Full Sail.

Full Sail University Online: Marketing

You can produce the best music in the world and never make a dollar if you don’t incorporate some form of marketing into your system. There are plenty of agencies and management companies that are willing to help promote your music and get you placements, but they’re typically expensive and it’s very important you have a good understanding of how to market yourself independently as well. By teaching you about the components of the music industry, with marketing in mind, Full Sail University will help prepare you to begin branding your production name and monetizing your music – All via online courses that can be taken from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Info About The Online Music Production Program at Full Sail University

Full Sail University Online

Full Sail University Online

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