Marshall Headphones – The Monitor’s Now Available

Marshall Headphones – The Monitor’s Now Available

The new Marshall headphones, the “Monitor”, have just been released and are now available in music equipment and audio gear retail stores everywhere. This is the first product line by Marshall to incorporate over ear design for music production and audio monitoring. Widely known for their guitar amps, Marshall is making their name even bigger by spreading out into the music production market.

Marshall Headphones The Monitor

The Monitor – Marshall Headphones

Marshall Audio Monitoring Headphones: Monitor

Monitor takes the well known power of Marshall products and combines it with an affordable monitoring headphone design. Boasting excellent noise isolation, while remaining visually appealing and not overly bulky, the first over the ear model of Marshall Headphones is a great addition to any home recording studio. While it’s often preferred to monitor with near-fields in smaller home recording studios, headphone monitoring allows you to get a more intimate listening experience and fine tune minute details that might be missed when using larger monitors.

Studio Quality Monitoring In The Form Of Marshall Headphones

With well balanced mid frequency response, extended highs and an elegantly deep bass response, the Marshall headphone Monitors provide you with a very wide range to mix on. The 40mm drivers are designed to keep the audio from sounding too condensed even at high volume levels, allowing you to hear the dynamics of the mix rather than everything blending together into a mess of unrecognizable sound. The punchy dynamics and clear sound makes for a great monitoring tool, whether you plan to use them when you need to be more quiet (wife’s sleeping?) or you’re trying to hear how your mix translates to a different sound source than your go to monitors. Covering the whole audible frequency spectrum, maintaining isolation, and employing comfort are just a few of the great attributes of these Marshall headphones.

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