Microphones And Recording Devices

One of the most popular microphones - the Shure SM58

Microphones and Recording Devices

Microphones And Recording Devices

Throughout this page you’ll find explanations of different types of microphones, methods for recording and recording techniques as well as microphone reviews.

  • Rode iXY iOS Microphone

    August 7, 2013 Rode iXY iOS Microphone

    Rode iXY lets you turn your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, etc) into a stereo recording device instantly. The Rode iXY iOS Microphone is the perfect affordable recording solution for mobile iOS devices.

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  • Rode Mic – Reviews – Affordable Professional Mics

    March 25, 2013 Rode Microphone Reviews - Affordable Professional Mics

    If a recording studio was a living organism, then microphones would be their heart. Pumping blood (sound) through the veins (cables) and keeping the studio running. Without microphones, studios wouldn’t exist. Every studio whether a professional recording studio or a home studio requires some type of microphone (I suppose with the exception of some mastering studios). Just because your running a home recording studio on a smaller budget than professional studios doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for lower quality mics. This is where Rode comes in. Rode microphones are some of the best budget-friendly microphones available and are not only capable of competing with the higher end mics, but even producing better sound than what you could pay well over a thousand dollars for.

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  • How Microphones Work – Different Types of Microphones

    March 9, 2013 How Microphones Work

    Knowing how a microphone works and the different types of microphones will give you a better idea of which ones you’ll need for your studio. This article is going to explain the most common ways that microphones transduce acoustic energy (sound) into electric energy and the differences between the main types of microphones. How microphones work – What microphones are, how they work and the differences between common microphone types are all covered in this article.

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  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone Review

    February 24, 2013 One of the most popular microphones - the Shure SM58

    I’m sure most of you have heard of the Shure SM58 Dynamic Handheld Microphone at one time or another. This microphone seems to remain a favorite among performers and home studio owners. I think the reason it’s become such a classic is the balance of affordability, quality, and durability. The SM58 is around $100 from most retailers and well worth it.

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  • CAD GXL3000BP Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Review

    February 9, 2013 A picture of a condenser microphone.

    We can’t all afford a Neumann U87 Microphone, but there are plenty of large diaphragm condenser mics out there that’re affordable, including the CAD GXL3000. I’m by no means comparing the two, but just like you don’t have to have a Lamborghini to drive to work, you don’t need the most expensive microphone in the world to get quality recordings. I chose this one to review because it includes many features for the insanely low price that it’s sold for. Don’t be disheartened by low priced microphones. There are many more factors to achieving a good recording than just the mic, which include quality preamps, a good vocalist/instrument, the room in which you’re recording and of course the experience of the audio engineer or producer.

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  • Presonus Audiobox USB Studio Bundle Recording Package Review

    January 24, 2013 Presonus Audiobox Recording Bundle

    Audio Interface, Studio Headphones, Condenser Microphone, StudioOne Software
    Everything you need to start a home recording / project studio is included!
      One of the most budget friendly recording bundles I’ve come across is the Presonus Audiobox USB Studio Bundle Recording Package. This is a great starting point for anyone considering recording at home. If you are contemplating how to start out your home recording studio, or you’re simply looking for a portable recording solution, this is definitely the way to go.


    Presonus Audiobox USB Bundle Review:
    I bought this recording bundle over a year ago and still utilize it today. I already had an interface, a mic, headphones, and multiple DAW programs at the time that I bought it. So why would I get this if I already had everything included in the bundle? Let me tell you:

    The first reason I decided to purchase this is because there’s so much included for only $250. Typically for …

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