Mixing and Effects

Mixing And Effects Guides:

2infamouz guide’s are a collection of home studio articles aimed at helping you understand how to use your studio recording equipment and teaching you the basics of making music. Whether you’re just starting out on your sound engineering venture or you have experience in a home recording studio, you should be able to find some informative sections.

Common Sound Processing Effects

A brief explanation of the most commonly used sound processing effects.


What is a Sound Equalizer? – Sound EQ Guide

A guide explaining what sound equalization is and how to apply it to your audio mixes.


A Totally Different Way of Understanding Compression

A different approach to understanding sound compression and the way sound compressors work.


Sound Reverb Guide – “What is Sound Reverb?”

A guide explaining sound reverberation, and the way sound reflects off of surfaces (Real surfaces and computer generated ones).


Sound Limiter Guide – “What is A Sound Limiter?”

An explanation of sound limiting and typical applications of a sound limiter for beginners.