Music Production Guides, Tutorials, and Articles

Music Production Guides, Tutorials and Articles

2infamouz music production guides are primarily focused on home recording studios, and cover a variety of different audio related topics. Regardless of the type of recording studio setup you’re working with, there should be some information here that’s helpful. We offer articles, tutorials and guides on what gear will complement your setup, how to use different gear, different sound processing methods, key concepts involved in audio engineering and music production, and a touch of musical theory as well.

Music Production Guides For Home Recording Studios

Music Production Schools

Music Production SchoolsYou might not need a degree to get into the music production field, but it certainly increases your chances of being a successful music producer.

ADSR Envelope Explained in Simple Terms

ADSR EnvelopeAs a whole an ADSR envelope will determine (attack) how fast a sound reaches it’s maximum volume, (decay) how long it takes to drop down to the sustained level, (sustain) what level of volume the sound will remain at while the sample or synth remains triggered (key is held down), and (release) how long it takes the sound to fade out from the sustain level down to silence after the key is released (no longer holding down the note, or triggering the sample).

MIDI Guide: What is MIDI?

MIDI Guide - What is MIDIThe invention of MIDI opened countless doors to the possibilities of what can be done inside a recording studio.
MIDI is used to allow electronic musical instruments, midi controllers, computers, and other gear to communicate between each other. This article explains how MIDI information is sent and what type of information can be communicated via MIDI, as well as a general introduction to MIDI itself.

Getting Too Technical With Recording

Audio Engineer Graham Cochrane talks about the technical aspects of recording.
Technicalities aren’t always the most important factors in recording.

Graham Cochrane explains why focusing too much on technical aspects of recording like sample rate and analog to digital conversion can limit the creative process and overall productivity in the studio.

The Importance of Analog Restoration and Digital Conversion

Music Production - Home Recording Studio
In 6 Steps, Leon explains how he went about restoring and converting old analog tapes into a digital format.

If you have recordings you made prior to the digital age or even digital recording that used some kind of magnetic tape to store the data (ADAT, DA88, etc.), there is something you need to know: magnetic tape starts to disintegrate over time.

Production Time: Working To Maximize Output

Music Production - Home Recording Studio
Regardless of how you approach music production, a lot of time will be invested. Maximizing your output allows you to spend that time more productively.

A very informative and thorough article written about the processes involved in music production and ways to maximize the time you’re spending on creating music into more productivity.

5 Websites Every Home Recording Studio Owner Needs to Know About

5 Websites Every Home Recording Studio Owner Needs to Know About
A collection of 5 websites that will benefit any home studio owner.

Although every home recording studio is different, these 5 websites will help all home studio owners. Whether music production is a hobby or profession, at least one of these sites will improve the way you work in your studio, guaranteed.

Going to School For Music Production and Audio Engineering

A picture of a book that says "Audio 101" with music production and audio engineering.
Is it worth taking courses for music production and audio engineering?

This article discusses attending a school of arts or other institute that offers music related courses. There are many factors in why you should or shouldn’t get a formal education for your dream career, and this post will give you another perspective on the subject. Testimonials of both people who have taken courses and those who wish to are included at the end.

How Microphones Work – Different Types of Microphones

How Microphones WorkUnderstanding microphones is essential in a home recording studio
In this article Ayron describes some of the basic mechanics of microphones and how they work. The differences between common types of microphones is also discussed, explaining the pros and cons of recording with dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones.

The Beats By Dre Headphones Hype

Are Beats By Dre Headphones Really Worth The Price?Beats By Dre are becoming a huge trend, but is it just a hype?
These headphones might say “beats”, but they aren’t made for making beats. If you are looking for headphones to mix with, read this guide before you decide to go with Beats By Dre headphones.

Mixing vs. Mastering – What’s The Difference?

Mixing versus mastering audio.Mixing and Mastering are two completely different processes.
I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in forums where people confuse mixing and mastering, or think they’re the same thing. This article clears up the confusion and briefly explains what mixing and mastering are.

Audio Interface Buying Guide

Guide to Buying An Audio Interface Logo ThumbnailAudio Interfaces Are A Core Component In Home Recording Studios
Before you buy your first audio interface, make sure you read through this guide to guarantee you get one that’s right for you.

 Music Networking Guide – “It’s All About The Image”

Gangsta Barbie's Beat's LogoNetworking Is One Of The Most Important Steps Towards Success
An article about networking your music and some of the best methods to get your music out there and in the ears of your fans. Written by Gangsta Barbie Beats.

Music Theory Basics – What is Music Theory?

musictheoryThe Foundation of Music Is Built With Music Theory
A guide explaining what music theory is and some of the key concepts of music theory. Several music theory resources are referenced as well.

Top 3 Best Music Production Forums

top-music-production-forumMusic Production Forums Are Great Sources Of Information
2infamouz’ list of the best music production forums. If you want to learn more about music production or network with other people doing what you do, these are great websites to check out.

What’s The Best Music Production Software or DAW?

Music production softwares like FL Studio, StudioOne, Reason, and AbletonDAW’s Are The Bread And Butter Of Home Recording Studio’s Now
There are numerous ways to record audio and edit sound with your computer, and several of the most popular DAW’s are discussed in this article.

Buying a Synthesizer or Workstation?

Korg Kronos X 88Is A Synthesizer Or Workstation A Good Investment?
A guide debating if a workstation is the best investment for your home studio. Compares a more cost effective setup with a midi controller, DAW and plugins.

Considering A Software Based Home Recording Studio Setup

FL Studio Recording SoftwareA Software Based Recording Setup Is Very Cost Effective
Don’t think that you have to use a hardware only setup to achieve quality sound. Starting off with a software based setup is the most cost effective way to record at home for beginners.

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