“Music Production” and Popular Searches Related to It

“Music Production” and Popular Searches Related to It

One of the easiest methods I use to find topics for 2infamouz is to simply search Google for new stories and products related to “music production”. A lot of times I look at music production forums and other communities online to see what everyone’s talking about at the time, but for the most part Google is the quickest way to find anything (surprise). Recently I did a search for “music production” by itself to see how many topics I had on 2infamouz that are related to the top searches and noticed that I’m missing out on a huge chunk of the home recording and music production audience. I’ve put together a list of the top searched phrases relating to music production and listed out how many posts we have here that pertain to these phrases.

Music Production search results and related phrases.

Music Production search results and related phrases.

Searches Related To Music Production

So as you can see they almost all have the exact phrase “music production” in them besides “music producer”. As suspected I have covered a lot of these topics, but what was surprising is that I have actually missed a few – or at least skimped on them a bit. I don’t know how I managed to create an entire website dedicated to music production and haven’t made a single page that goes over music production jobs.

1. Music Production Schools

Music Production Schools – This one I actually have hit a couple times. I recently added a section to our sidebar called Educational Resources that includes a couple different posts / pages about pursuing an education in music.

The count for this phrase: 3.

  1. Music Production Schools
  2. Top Music Schools Directory
  3. Full Sail University Online Music Production Program

 2. Music Production Equipment

Music Production Equipment – Of course this ones been covered here. The Gear Reviews section is all about music production equipment, and the majority of our music production news is about recently released gear. It’d take a hell of an effort to track down every post and page on 2infamouz about music production equipment so I’ll just drop a couple of the most recent ones in the list.

The count for this phrase: A lot.

  1. Rode iXY iOS Microphone
  2. Behringer USB Mixer: XENYX X1204USB
  3. Marshall Headphones: Monitor

3. Music Production Software

Music Production Software – We actually only hit this once, with one of our most read articles “What’s The Best Music Production Software or DAW”. There’s mention of a lot of different music production software / programs, but we only have one page exclusively dedicated to the topic.

The count for this phrase: 1.

  1. What’s The Best Music Production Software or DAW?

4. Music Production Career

Music Production Career – Kind of dropped the ball here…There’s actually nothing on 2infamouz that talks exclusively about a career in music production. Definitely on the “to do list”.

The count for this phrase: A Pathetic 0.

5. Music Production Tips

Music Production Tips - Uh yeah…I’d say the whole site fits here (the majority at least).

The count for this phrase: 5,000,000,000,000,000+15

  1. 2infamouz: Music Production, Home Recording, Studio Equipment, Reviews


Basically this has told me that we’ve got a lot of work to do. The sites been growing at a decent rate, but I’d like to see a good 50+ after each one of those “The count for this phrase:” by this time next year. If you’ve got any topics you’d like to see discussed on 2infamouz, or a particular piece of “music production equipment” (…), feel free to contact us. We read all of our viewers messages and would prefer to make sections of the site based on your ideas rather than ours.

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    We teach audio production & Pro Tools classes for those interested in getting into the recording business. I’ve attached one of our recent video tutorials about mixing vocals. Please visit our site: *Link Removed*

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