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Music Production Schools

Music Production Schools – Music & Audio Production Education

Music Production Schools

You might not need a degree to get into the music production field, but it certainly increases your chances of being a successful music producer. Many of the legends in the industry attended the music production schools listed here.

Music production schools – A music production career is a dream for many people. Many of those who have been successful in the music industry took their first step towards achieving that goal by attending one of the top music production schools. Beyond the courses and vast amount of knowledge you can gain from a structured learning environment, one of the greatest benefits of attending a music production school is the networking and connections that become available when you get involved with these programs. There’s no doubt that much of the technical knowledge and experience of producing music can be self taught through reading books, participating in online music production forums, and trial and error – but you really can’t top the experience of a college education, whether for music production or any other field – and there’s a variety of perks that you certainly wouldn’t be able to benefit from while sitting in your basement reading a copy of Music Production For Dummys.

Whether you’re looking for audio engineering jobs at the end of several years at one of the top schools for music production, or you’re pursuing an audio engineering internship, the education you acquire can be a huge turning point for any music producer or engineer.

Recording, Engineering and Production Programs

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best music production schools, including both traditional campus environments and online audio production schools. With courses ranging from sound design and production to audio engineering, as well as the facilities and equipment to get you familiar with a real music production environment, there’s a reason that the big name music production colleges seem to generate so many stars in the music industry. Below you’ll find various schools for music production that have helped nurture some of the most successful and legendary music producers.

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Berklee College Of Music

When you hear the words “Top Music Schools” one of the first things to pop into many minds would be Berklee College of Music. Originating as a university based on Jazz music, they now offer a variety of programs which have helped shape the minds of producers and artists in every genre imaginable, from classical composers to hiphop producers. If you’re lucky enough to be accepted into the MP&E (music production and engineering) program at Berklee, you’ll be diving head first into a hands on experience which involves access to state of the art recording equipment and extensive courses that take you from the creation of a project to finalizing a production. This school is certainly a perfect candidate for students that are searching for colleges for music production.

Earn A Degree in Sound Design and Music Production

Although admission into the MP&E program at Berklee is extremely competitive, and for good reason, if you plan to pursue a degree in music production then Berklee College of Music is certainly something to consider. From Quincy Jones in 1951 to John Mayer in 1998, and countless others, it’s safe to say that some of the greatest people to walk into a recording studio have attended Berklee College of Music.

What The Berklee College Of Music Looks For In A Student

New York University Steinhardt School of Music

The Steinhardt School of Music at NYU produces some of the top music producers in the industry. In the rare few institutions that off a Masters degree in music composition, business and music technology, the Steinhardt School of Music stands as one of the best schools for music production. Similar to Berklee, the admission to the Steinhardt School of Music at NYU is very competitive, but many graduates feel that they’ve truly gotten their moneys worth in education, experience and opportunity after attending the music program at Steinhardt School of Music. A degree from here will certainly turn some heads and help you jumpstart your music production career.

The James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio – Steinhardt School of Music

Full Sail University

Full Sail University - Another great music production school.

Although it’s widely known for it’s online music production courses, Full Sail University also has a campus located in Winter Park, Florida. Looking past many of their marketing campaign ads, this is more than just a school for composing and producing electronic music. As one of the leaders in the audio educational field, Full Sail is another great music production school to consider. From soundtrack production for video games, TV and film to producer records, graduates of the Full Sail University music production program are equipped to take on every field in the industry. With a slightly less competitive admission than the previous 2 schools listed here, Full Sail provides both a realistic opportunity and extensive learning experience that should be included in your considerations when deciding on which music production school to attend.

Online Music Production Schools

With the lucrative nature of the music industry, the constant rise of education costs nation wide, and of course a demand for the types of courses provided by online schools for music production, getting an education in the music production field is by no means a cheap endeavor. Luckily there is a more affordable way to receive the knowledge offered in music production programs: Online Audio Production Schools. While they are no where near free, online music production courses are often more practical in regards to both affordability and practicality. Not everybody can just relocate to attend school, nor do we all have the time to physically attend classes. Online colleges for music production allow those who are trying to build a career in this field the convenience of taking courses from the comfort of their home, and it’s no surprise that big name online music production programs like Full Sail’s and Dubspot’s are often sought after just as much as many of the real campuses that offer similar programs. Some programs are exclusively available online while other Universities offer both on campus courses as well as online music production courses. The difference in cost between online classes and traditional courses in a classroom often vary quite drastically. It often is much cheaper to take online courses, but of course that depends on which institution you’re enrolling in. Certainly not all of the universities that offer music programs online are more affordable than all of the offline courses available. Because cost is more often than not a big factor in choosing an academic institution to attend, it’s also important to consider what you’re getting in relation to what you’re spending. Just because a university appears to have an excellent audio technology program doesn’t mean that the school has the best history of job placement for their graduates. Disregarding the substantial price difference, there is another factor to consider about online music production courses: Online courses do not provide you with access to all the facilities and resources found on most campuses. You won’t be able to interact face to face with your professors and other students studying the same subjects. To some these are trivial factors, but to many of us these are some of the most beneficial aspects of going to school. With that said, online production courses are a great alternative if you don’t have the finances, time or credentials to attend a traditional university.

Tuition and Fees for an Audio Production Education

Here are the approximate tuition costs over the past several years for a full academic year attending Berklee College of Music, McNally Smith College of Music, Full Sail University, and Clevelend Institute of Music (Full time beginning undergraduate students):

Music Production Schools:2010-20112011-20122012-2013
Berklee College of Music$32,520$34,680$36,490
McNally Smith College of Music$23,770$23,520$24,690
Full Sail University$21,560$20,907$21,448
Clevelend Institute of Music$39,140$41,260$43,580

List of Music Production Schools, Music Schools, and Audio Engineering Schools:

List of Schools Offering Courses in Sound and Audio Production
The Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University in Bloomington

  • Recording Arts – Bachelor Of Science
107 S Indiana Ave Bloomington Indiana 47405 United States of America
Hartt School of Music – Hartford University

  • Music Degree (Bachlors) In Sound and Audio Technology / Music Production
200 Bloomfield Ave West Hartford Connecticut 06117 United States of America
New Haven University

  • Bachelors in Music Industry
300 Boston Post Rd West Haven Connecticut 06516 United States of America
Berklee College of Music

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Engineering and The Production Of Music – One of the most prestigious colleges to earn a degree in music from, Berklee School of Music offers numerous courses.
150 Massachusetts Ave Boston Massachusetts 02115 United States of America
  • Bachelors Music Production Degree at AU
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington District Of Columbia 20016 United States of America
  • Technological Music Production and Audio Degrees
1205 N Fiesta Blvd Gilbert Arizona 85233 United States of America
  • Sound Recording Bachelors of Science
601 University Dr San Marcos Texas 78666 United States of America
  • Audio Production Bachelor’s Degree
5104 Eisenhower Blvd S Tampa Florida 33634 United States of America
  • Music Production and Audio Engineering Program Focused Internships
1201 W 5th St m130 Los Angeles California 90017 United States of America
  • Bachelor of Science in Music
  • Audio Engineering Diploma, Music Production Diploma, along with courses in recording and engineering.
19 E Exchange St St Paul Minnesota 55101 United States of America
  • Certificates and Degrees in Recording Arts, Audio Engineering, and Music Production.
6690 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles California 90028 United States of America
3300 University Blvd Winter Park Florida 32792 United States of America
  • Audio Recording Music Production Diploma in Audio Recording
64 University Pl New York New York 10003 United States of America
  • Audio Engineering Certification
6752 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles California 90028 United States of America
  • Music Technology Certificate
7250 Mesa College Dr San Diego California 92111 United States of America
  • Recording Arts Associates Degree
6363 W Sunset Blvd Hollywood California 90028 United States of America
Seattle Art Institution

  • Associate’s in The Production of Audio
Long Beach City College

  • Associate Degrees in Record Producing or Recording Engineering
SAE Institute Music Production Programs

  • Audio Engineering Bachelor’s Degree, offered in multiple locations (Madrid, Oxford, and London).
VanderSound Audio Engineering School

  • Audio Engineering Program
Australian Institute of Music

  • Graduate Studies
JMC Academy

  • Associate’s and Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering (Diploma)
SAE Institute

  • Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production

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