Top Music Production Forums

Top Music Production Forums

Whether you’re trying to promote your music, network with other producers and artists, or just learn more about music production, there’s no shortage of ways to do it online. One of the most efficient ways to go about this is through music production forums. For almost every question about mixing, recording, sampling or sound treatment there’s probably 100 different posts answering these questions somewhere on a forum. Of course you have to use your discretion and decide what information is actually good information, but you can definitely learn a thing or 2 through the numerous forums online - as I have throughout the years.

These are the top music production forums in no specific order:

The Best Music Production Forum For Hiphop Producers: Illmuzik

www.illmuzik.com – Illmuzik is a website focused on hip-hop music and production. There are a lot of different features on the site, like Illmuzik Radio where the illmuzik members contribute tracks to be played, as well as a forum with many experienced and knowledgeable producers. Although the site is based around hip-hop production, anyone interested in music production can learn from the members here.

Some cool features at Illmuzik:

  • Instrumental / Beat Competitions usually with a certain theme.
  • Illmuzik Radio where you can submit your tracks to, and if you’re lucky they’ll get played.
  • Interviews with up and coming producers and other interesting people involved in the hip-hop scene.
  • Weekly Showcase where you can post your music and get feedback from the users.

One Of The Most Active Music Production Forums: Future Producers

www.futureproducers.com – If you want a question about your home studio answered quickly, this is the place to go. This place is always popping, with thousands of users daily. You have to watch out for misinformation, like any forum there’s people that think they know more than they do, but there are plenty of members that can teach you whatever you need to know about making beats, recording audio, mixing tracks, etc. This one also seems to be somewhat geared towards hip-hop music production to an extent, but there’s a huge community built around futureproducers and almost any question about recording or producing will find an answer here.

The Hardware Guys: GearSlutz

www.gearslutz.com - As the name suggests, this forum was created for production gear and hardware enthusiasts. There are threads that cover other production topics but this is definitely the spot to check out for questions about recording gear and hardware.

Audio Plugin News and Other Music Production Topics: KVR Audio

www.kvraudio.com – This is another great community that includes a music production forum. They focus a lot of their news stories and information on audio plugins and audio plugin formats like VST, AU, RTAS, DX and DSSI/LADSPA, but the forum is filled with recording and music production enthusiasts that are really helpful.

Forum For Home Recording and General Music Production – HomeRecording

www.homerecording.com – The name is pretty self explanatory. Home recording is one of the bigger forums, possibly even bigger than FutureProducers, and has a gold mine of home recording and music production information that you can tap into simply by searching the forum. They even have a section called “Mix This!” where the members mix each others tracks for practice and experience with mixing. This is one of my personal favorite music production forums.

A New Music Production Forum Created by Us at 2infamouz – Record and Produce

Record and Produce Forum – Music Production and Audio Recording Discussion - This is a music production community we recently launched ourselves. It’s still relatively small, but growing steadily. Our focus for Record and Produce will be similar to the topics on 2infamouz, mainly home recording and DIY music production.

Record and Produce Music Production and Recording Forum

Join our Music Production Community at Record and Produce!

Summary of Top Music Production Forums:

Not only are production forums a great place to learn, but there’s also a lot of people to network with and to possibly collaborate with. Keep an eye out for other members that might be ideal for collaborating on a project you’re working on or future projects. Another beneficial way to use a forum is to ask for feedback on your work to see what you need to improve and what other people think about your music. If there are other forums that you think should be included on here or if you want to bypass the forums and ask me a question feel free to leave a comment below.

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