Yamaha MOXF Workstation – Music Production Controller – (MOXF6 & MOXF8)

Yamaha MOXF Workstation – Music Production Controller – (MOXF6 & MOXF8)

Yamaha MOXF Workstations – MOXF6 & MOXF8

MOXF8 Yamaha Workstation

MOXF8 Yamaha Workstation

The new Yamaha MOXF Workstation lineup offers a huge variety of sounds, effects and functionality. Doubling as a MIDI controller, this absurdly powerful synthesizer comes in 2 models - The MOXF6 is a 61 key (semi-weighted) workstation while the MOXF8boasts 88 keys (graded hammer action).

MOXF6 and MOXF8 Music Production Synthesizers

As expected with Yamaha, these synths come armed with a huge library ranging from piano, guitar and strings to industry ready drums. Built around the original MOX series of workstations, there’s no lack of sound quality when it comes to the MOXF series.

Product Description From Yamaha: “The new MOXF series combines a MOTIF XF sound engine and Flash memory expandability, a MIDI keyboard controller with extensive DAW and VST control, USB Audio/MIDI interfacing, onboard sequencing, and an extensive DAW / VST software bundle. We’ve updated the popular MOX Series with the latest MOTIF XF technology by adding more sounds, more effects and even a Flash board option slot. Because it’s compatible with MOTIF XF and MOX data, MOXF has a huge collection of sound and sample libraries and optional software available right away. Expandable, portable, affordable, and compatible with a wide range of other products, these instruments brings MOTIF music production power to a whole new generation of musicians and producers.”

Source: Yamaha USA

What Sweetwater Has To Say About The Yamaha’s MOXF Workstation Lineup:

“Yamaha’s new MOXF workstations deliver more great sounds, more effects, and Flash ROM expansion capability. With a massive arsenal of MOTIF XF-quality voices that includes pianos, EPs, strings, winds, orchestral textures, guitars, basses, and drums – as well as a bevy of vintage and modern synth sounds – the MOXF6 and MOXF8 are incredibly powerful and amazingly affordable. Your only decision will be choosing between 61 semi-weighted keys or 88-key graded hammer action!
Building on the impressive power and playability of the original MOX Series, Yamaha’s MOXF workstations offer you an unbelievable palette of production-quality sounds. MOXF packs a whopping 741MB of waveforms. Plus, there are 136 new voices, including the superb 9′ CFIII and 7′ S6 grand pianos, clavinets and organs, and a range of new sounds from genres as disparate as orchestral and hip-hop. You also get access to Yamaha’s YC-3B Organ Emulator and Prologue analog soft synth. When you factor in their Flash board expansion option and the fact that they’re compatible with both MOTIF XF and MOX data, these instruments put an enormous collection of sounds at your fingertips.

As full-featured workstations, the MOXF6 and MOXF8 give you the tools to produce professional-quality music, including a multichannel USB audio interface, robust sequencing, an army of arpeggiators, and more. But they’re also potent MIDI controllers that give you extensive DAW and VST control (Cubase AI7 is included). Fusing Yamaha’s MOTIF technology with USB computer integration, a single USB cable lets you interface both audio and MIDI with your Mac or PC. And with a broad selection of studio-grade effects (including the award-winning REV-X reverb) for both the internal sounds and for instruments or mics you plug into their A/D inputs, the MOXF6 and MOXF8 are ideal for creating polished music productions.”

Source: Sweetwater

Synthtopia On The Yamaha MOXF Synthesizers:

“Yamaha has introduced the MOXF synthesizers – a new line of synths that offer MOTIF XF sounds, effects and the ability to add a flash board slot for further expandability options.

The MOXF synth is available in a 61-key and 88-key models. Both synths offer 741 MB Wave ROM, 3,977 waveforms, 128-note polyphony, DAW integration and more.”

Source: Synthtopia

Yamaha Unveils The MOXF Workstations (AudioFanzine):

“These new versions include the latest Yamaha sound technology, with new sounds and more effects. Its features two digital recreations of the Yamaha CFIIIS and S6 grand pianos, 741MB of waveforms and 136 sound of various instruments.

Regarding the effects, Yamaha used the VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) technology to simulate vintage EQs, compressors and phasers. Other effects hosted in the Yamaha digital consoles are also present, as well as the REV-X reverb from the SPX2000. You can also connect a voice microphone and use the built-in vocoders.

The MOXF workstations are compatible with the MOTIF XF and MOX keyboards, so that you can use the same sound libraries and additional software.

Also new on these models are a Flash memory slot for up to 1GB of additional sounds.”

Source: Audiofanzine

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